Paul McMillan is a self-taught artist best known for his landscapes and still life paintings. Paul’s style ranges from classical to abstract and occasionally includes original poetry and music as subject matter. His artwork is strong in light, shadow and atmosphere, with deep, rich colors.

Born in Kansas in 1954, Paul was raised in Texas. Paul’s professional art career began in the late 1970s in central Texas. Inspired by the beauty of the Southwest, Paul moved to Taos, New Mexico in 1988 to explore the region’s artistic possibilities. Paul took an apartment amongst fellow working artists on Martyr’s Lane in the historic district of Taos in 1989, where he lived and worked for ten years. He was the last painter to leave Martyr’s Lane in August of 1999. Paul subsequently lived in La Mesilla, New Mexico; Bellefonte, Pennsylvania; and Glen Rose, Texas before moving to Ithaca, New York and starting the McMillan Art Center. Paul now lives in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. His website is

Artist’s Statement

“I want my artwork to reveal the joy of living. I work in a range of styles and believe that every genre exposes aspects of the human experience.

Landscapes show the generous beauty of the planet’s ability to give life. Still life paintings tell a story through objects, and when written music and lyrics are added, chosen objects gain their own voice. Working in the surreal genre allows the privilege of lifting the surface to study the subjective reality beneath. In portraiture and figurative work, the human form becomes a window to the individual spirit. Nocturnes reveal the serenity and mystery of the nighttime world.

My process involves attention to detail and technique. My wet-into-wet oil painting technique with virtually no glazing allows detail and softness in the image and a smooth, buttery surface showing a little impasto where appropriate. I make my own medium from standard oil blended with a small amount of beeswax and mastic resin. My works are finished to protect the surfaces of the artwork without altering the texture or sheen of the image. I feel strongly about the merits of using quality materials and proven techniques in the pursuit of lasting and durable artwork.”







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