Deanna Larsen is a Spanish tutor and freelance translator in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She can’t blow bubbles with gum or fold maps properly, but she can occasionally finish a New York Times crossword puzzle by herself. Her work has appeared in The Ante Review, The Dirty Napkin Euphony, PANK, and elsewhere. Beginning in fall 2011, she will be an MFA candidate at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

In answer to our question of why she writes, Deanna responded:

"Although there may be a million reasons NOT to write; not writing doesn’t feel like an option. It’s a compulsion. Words and images flood my head and they can’t be denied. I’m always asking what if . and then I get to find out. What could be more fun than that? It’s like having an infinite video library at your fingertips. I’m also a shameless eavesdropper. So many things happen every day, you could never run out of angles. Never leave the house without a pen."







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