Jacqueline Doyle’s personal essays and creative nonfiction have appeared and are forthcoming in Lady Jane’s Miscellany, Pear Noir!, River Poets Journal, SNReview, SoMa Literary Review, and Women’s Studies. Her flash fiction and nonfiction have been published and are forthcoming in numerous online journals, including 5_trope, blossombones, elimae, flashquake, Foliate Oak, Glossolalia, Hamilton Stone Review LITnIMAGE, Melusine, Monkeybicycle, Staccato Fiction, and others. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she teaches at California State University, East Bay.

In answer to our question of why she writes, Jacqueline responded:

"There’s no deeper pleasure for me. Writing seems to satisfy a need that I didn’t know I had, and that can’t be fulfilled any other way. At this stage in my life, memoir has taken on particular emotional urgency. And flash, well flash is just fun."







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