Diane Seuss

How about this?

Instead of titling the chapters after men I thought I loved:
Sam, Warren, Billy with the Wooden Leg, Dorian, Chuck,
Keith, Craig Who Was a Shondelle, Kevin, Peter the Shy,

Abed the Supposed Heart Doctor, I use the names
of casseroles that didn’t quite work out, in alphabetical order:
Abalone Mushroom, Beef and Lima Bean Bake, Crawfish Pie ...

ending with Venison Vegetable Surprise. Or Jello recipes:
Church Windows, Green Gag, Prism Mold. The omnipresent
Funeral Salad, so delicious I almost wished someone would die

and give me an excuse to get out the pineapple tidbits
and mandarin oranges. Or chapters titled after animals
I found dead in their cages: Chameleon, Bright Blue.

Parakeet. Himalayan Rabbit They Said Could Endure
Sub-Zero Temperatures, Frozen Solid.


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