Agnes O’Kane


A Ghazal  

Winds of change surge, rising hormones seethe, so you leave
drawn to the lights, dreams and bags gripped tight as you leave

Sampling smorgasbord delights of a dazzling city life
touched by loves, you find your voice, choose when to leave

A province full of hate where both sides don’t tolerate
the rights of each to thrive, side by side, makes you leave

That place was never erased—despite your traveling
away. How can you forget everything you leave?

Your children grow, achieve, decide to follow dreams
breathing deep you know when to love and let them leave

Muted light bathes the fading form in the hushed room
Sitting with his cradled hand in yours, you watch him leave

Granny’s going on a plane—but will be back—you tell
the young child then, swallowing unspoken tears, leave


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