Editor’s Note
Blood Orange Review 4.4

This issue came together in a quietly spectacular way. As we put together the proofs, frost was icing the lawns of Salem, Oregon. Men were climbing ladders and hanging Christmas lights from the rooftops. As we edited the issue, we listened to the recordings of the Western Australian poems and communicated with the poets through email. Their voices and work radiated warmth in the chilly Pacific Northwest day.

All of the work in this issue has a command of movement that I appreciate. For instance, Mandy Malloy’s poem, "The C.E.O’s Announcement, Transcribed by My Heart" has a quality of the art house cinema to it-the light seems slightly overexposed and the images feel intentionally grainy; both qualities add a raw authenticity to the narrator’s voice. Diane Seuss’ poem, "How about this?" tumbles like colored glass in a kaleidoscope, yet with each turn comes a new humorous flip.

As you read this issue, think about taking a moment and letting us know what you think. It is always nice to bridge the distance between our desktops, and yours. And if you plan on attending the AWP conference in a couple of months, come by the Blood Orange Review table in the book fair, and say hello.

H.K. Hummel, editor






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