Colin Pope

On the Disappearance of Bees, Spring 2009

You want to tell them
to take care of the sharks while they’re at it
and then the gators and crocodiles
piranha with their keyless mouths
and the snakes whose poison
waits at the end of their fangs like
water on icicled roofs
and if we could go right along
with the killing of dangerous dogs
and cats and even some children
who show special promise
with their little matchbox minds
full of evil
and some bad women who
glide down the dark streets
at night like war canoes
looking for their men
who can go too.

You want something that
in its being can display more
than one emotion and that one
emotion not to be rage
pointed at the world it thinks
it owns with a little finger
of hurt so important
it’s worth dying for

the world that is already
emptying itself like a bottle of pills
even without these hot
little bullets pushing themselves
around the gardens and houses
decorating with terror
the windows and jumping
with death from the doorways
into our faces while
the hair stands on end
as if it will fly right into space.


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