Susan Slaviero

The wife of swords inventories buried items

Monkshood; the electric bill; expired eggs; candor;
shoes; frayed playing cards; everything “they” say
(they talk too much); a ruined dress; another pair
of shoes (red pumps, peep-toe); fingernail clippings;
a black & white television; indecisiveness; a maternity
bra; the last utterances of dead girls; fig newtons; a fountain
pen; the zodiac; particles of rain; yesterday’s smart-mouthed
mythology; shorn leaves; a wet teabag; this
ridiculous marriage; a drunken winter; the nightmares
of elephants; fuck-it-all; sheets of glass; stringy pot roast;
a bruised hip; knitting needles; chicory & hellebore;
slammed doors; archaeopteryx bones; my dusting powder;
quicklime; a shovel; that which I cannot recollect.


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