Stacia M. Fleegal is a poetry student in Spalding University’s brief-residency MFA in Writing program and will graduate in November 2006. Her poems have appeared in The Blue Moon Review, 3rd Muse Poetry Journal, Expository Magazine, Earth's Daughters, and Asphodel, and are forthcoming in The Furnace Review, Comstock Review, and an anthology titled A Quiet Corner Somewhere: Poems and Essays on Introversion. She is co-founder and co-editor of the online literary journal Blood Lotus.

In response to our question,“There are thousands of reasons not to write. What is one reason that keeps you moving forward as a writer?” Fleegal provided this quote by Rane Arroyo:

I cannot imagine not being a poet,
being as anonymous as the wind.

This quote is from the poem “The House of Names,” published in Home Movies of Narcissus, University of Arizona Press, 2002.







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